Promotion Period:

December 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017

Promotion Period:

December 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017

Come to Cap Cana with Leff Electric!

Here is how to earn your 6 day, 5-night luxury vacation at the Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa!


  • Fill out the registration form HERE for a QUICK and EASY way to sign up for your vacation. We will then assign you your Base Quota.
  • Earn two vacation points for each $100 of stock purchases and one vacation point for each $100 of direct/project purchases from Leff Electric up to your Base Quota during the promotion period.
  • Earn five vacation points for each $100 of stock purchases and one vacation point for each $100 of direct/project purchases from Leff Electric over your Base Quota during the promotion period.
  • 40% of total sales must be stock purchases.
  • Cap Cana vacations are valued at 2800 points per person, including complete air and ground package combined. Vacations are based on double occupancy, anyone occupying a room as a single will be charged a single supplement.
  • Participants must earn a minimum of 1400 points and equal their Base Quota to qualify. Any unearned portions of vacations or additional vacations up to a total of 4 can be purchased at Leff Electric’s cost, subject to availability.


  • All accounts must be current in accordance with Leff Electric’s regular terms to qualify.
  • Qualifying purchases must be shipped and billed during the promotion period.
  • Vacation points are not effective until Base Quota is reached.
  • Vacation points are determined by net sales billed.
  • Vacations have no monetary value, are not transferable and are not refundable.
  • Where one person has controlling interest or ownership in two or more entities, the combined businesses shall be deemed a single customer.
  • Individuals whose companies have rules or policies prohibiting involvement in activities such as our vacation promotion may not participate.
  • Because we want the pleasure of your company, vacation participants must be principals or key employees of Leff Electric customers as approved by Leff Electric.
  • This is an adults-only resort. No one under the age of 21 permitted.
  • Leff Electric reserves the right to change the destination, vacation conditions, departure dates and costs due to conditions beyond our control.
  • Vacations must be taken with Leff Electric in April 2018.
  • IRS considerations: In order to avoid any misunderstanding with you and the IRS, we recommend you register as a corporation and provide Leff Electric with your company’s tax ID number. If you register as an individual, Leff Electric must by law provide you with an IRS Form 1099 showing the portion of the vacations that Leff paid on your behalf.
  • Limit: 4 vacations (4 people) per account.
  • To visit Cap Cana, all U.S. Citizens must have a Valid U.S. Passport (expired passports are not accepted). Please visit for up to date information regarding documents required for U.S. Citizens traveling abroad. Non-U.S. citizens should contact their appropriate consulate for travel requirements.

Join us in Cap Cana in April of 2018!

NOTE: U.S. citizens must present a valid passport for this trip. Allow up to eight weeks to obtain a new or renewed passport. Please refer to The U.S. Department of State website for additional information on obtaining a passport

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